Check out our Cupcake Wars audition tape!!

25. January, 2012



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  1. claire

    1 / 30 / 20122:04 am

    Congratulations on the cupcake wars! I hope you feature some of the Lucy cupcakes at your shop.


    • Michelle

      1 / 30 / 20126:25 pm

      Claire, we have the I Love Lucy cupcakes today (1/30)!! Come on in and try them!!


  2. Jennifer S.

    1 / 30 / 20122:06 am

    So happy you won cupcakes wars!! The last store that I saw on there from NJ didn’t do so hot, my daughter and I were watching and glad you won (probably helped you were Italian!). Great story about opening your store too, I love to bake also, good for you!! We live about 40 minutes from Rockaway, but we’ll be there soon! Congrats!!!


  3. 2 / 1 / 20129:03 pm

    Hey Ava’s Cupcakes! CONGRATULATIONS!! I’ve sent my second audition in for Cupcake War’s, I Pray to God this one is good enough to get me on Season 5! I LOVED your presentation for the “I Love Lucy” espisode. I was sitting there watching and thinking “DARN! Why can’t I be on THAT season, LUCY IS MY FAVORITE COMEDIAN” But honey….YA’LL NAILED IT! If you can make FLORIN SPEECHLESS LOL!!! Take a look at my audition tape for Season 5. U tube “Oatmeal Overboard”. I think my second was a little more exciting than my first. My Mom was sick with Cancer then (she passed in October) so I was a little stressed as I did my first audition for Season 4 threw it together in like 24 hours. Take care, God bless and CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!!






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