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Could it really be....?

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Months of research... hours of hard work... and an endless passion for what we do are the main ingredients here.   We caught a vision just one year ago to become the leading destination in America for gourmet cupcakes, artisan cookies, and uniquely designed cakes. We took that vision to paper, into the kitchen and into the hearts and minds of the staff and team at Ava's and the end product: Ava's first online store ready to serve America!

With our newly upgraded look, innovative products made with our tried and true recipes- we are confident that we will be taking the cupcake world by storm! 

Check out our new store and sink your teeth into the next big thing to sweep across the nation- Ava's Cookie-grams, *Sugar Selfies, (trademark pending) and our beloved line of Cupcakes! 

Could it really be that in 4 short years, this local bakery is embarking on a national presence? Yes, we most definitely are and we couldn't be more proud!

As our inaugural blog, I thought it would be fitting to take a moment to express my gratitude to the people I have been blessed to have placed in my path.

*To Steve; my husband, partner, and best friend- thank you for waking up with me at 3am (5 days per week!) and being patient with me as I try to understand this passion... You are my rock in this dynasty.

*To my children; Isaiah, Aidan, Hunter, and Ava- without you little rascals, none of this would make any sense. Love you all to the moon and back!

*To my family; Thank you for the daycare, nightcare, and in between care with our children, our business, our puppies and everything else that we have called on you to care for! Thank you for washing dishes, running errands, packing cookies, being our delivery drivers, and everything in between. It has not gone unnoticed. I love you all!

*To Dan Ackermann; You have worked endlessly. You may not know it, but your willingness to always be upfront and honest with me has been the best thing for me. Not many people would take the risks as you have. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

*My Staff; Beyond the daily routine, beyond the sugar and eggs and butter- you are all so important to me- as individuals as well as our team and I am thankful for each of you. Kat, you are my younger version. I have so much gratitude for you! Sarah, you complete my creative sentences. Nada, you are my hands and feet and I wouldn't be here without your selflessness. Can I just say something girls? We got this.

*Finally, I am most grateful for the endless love and support from each guest that walks through our doors, calls us, emails us and follows us! Amazing things happen when people catch a vision with you and so many of you may not know what your kind words and support has done for us. Thank you all so very much!

Now let's go eat some cupcakes!!


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