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Michelle Spell, owner of Ava’s Cupcakes, is a born and raised Jersey girl originally from Newark, where she was exposed to a lengthy line of Italian-American chefs, home-cooks, and bakers in her family and the tight knit neighborhood where underground bakeries were a dime a dozen. At 16, after deciding to leave home and pursue the world, Michelle found herself working in bakeries, pizzerias, and restaurants to support herself and her unrealized ambitions. She eventually worked her way up through the kitchen, where she decided to turn her passion into a career.

After 20 years in the culinary field, Michelle decided to bring Ava’s Cupcakes to life as a part-time dream to help with the demands of raising a family of 6 in a struggling economy. Within 6 months after opening, Ava’s appeared on Food Network’s hit show “Cupcake Wars” where Michelle took first place, winning the grand prize and the elusive bragging rights of being the first winner from North Jersey! Michelle was invited back to compete in the Championship Series, a battle between 16 bakers esteemed as ‘the best in the country’! Michelle, along with her husband and business partner, Steven Spell, proudly claimed second place in the championship episode.

The Spells, who are now both dedicated full-time to their fast-growing bakery, are pursuing their dreams of expanding their company by continually offering an array of unique desserts unmatched by other bakeries. Although Michelle plans to pursue a classical education in the culinary industry once her children are grown, her passion for food and creation will continue to grow with her bakery for others to enjoy!

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